3 Excuses Homeowners Use To Not Clean Their Septic Tank And The Real Truths You Should Know

Posted on: 7 May 2017

It houses waste, it's hidden in the ground on your property, and beyond that, if you are like most homeowners, you don't know a great deal about your septic tank. As an added concern, many homeowners have no idea how often their septic tank needs to be pumped and cleaned by a professional septic tank service. Unfortunately, treating a septic tank like it is an infinite component that never requires attention can lead to problems. Homeowners often make excuses for why they don't have their septic tank pumped, but these excuses have no warrant. Check out these common excuses for not cleaning a septic tank that you may have used a time or two yourself. 

Excuse: You don't have to have the septic tanks cleaned because you never flush anything other than waste. 

In Truth: You never toss anything in the toilet that don't belong, like toilet paper, kitty litter, or leftovers, so that must mean your tank does not have to be pumped, right? Unfortunately, even if all you ever flush down the drain is waste, your tank will still accumulate sludge through the years that will have to be removed or your tank could overflow. 

Excuse: You have a massive septic tank and system so it rarely has to be pumped. 

In Truth: If your home has a larger than usual septic tank, it is likely because you have a larger home that could potentially house several occupants. If your tank is large an there are only a few occupants in the house, it may be true that the trunk will not have to be pumped as often as some, but it will still have to be cleaned on occasion by a professional septic tank service. 

Excuse: You use additives that break down waste so you don't have to have the tank cleaned. 

In Truth: There are all kinds of store-bought products aimed at consumers looking to prevent the need to have the septic tank cleaned. However, there is only so much these products can do when you flush them down into the septic system. In fact, some contain chemical components that can actually disrupt the natural deterioration of waste inside the tank, which means adding them to the tank could just cause you to have to have your tank umped sooner than usual. Before you choose to use any of these products, make sure you get advice from a professional septic tank service to find out if it is actually a good idea.