The Hidden Dangers Of Old Tanks: 3 Tips To Deal With Hazards From Old Oil Tanks

Posted on: 17 November 2017

In older homes, oil was the source of heating fuel, which tanks are often buried to eliminate eye sores. These buried tanks are now a hazard due to corrosion and leaks. They can be at risk of collapse or leak and cause contamination of ground water. You may need to have the tank removed if it is a danger to people or the environment. Here are some tips to help deal with the dangers of old buried oil tanks:

1. The Materials of Oil Tanks and Why They Are a Hazard

One of the biggest problems with underground oil storage is the materials that these tanks are made from. Most of the old tanks that have been buried in residential areas are made of metals like steel and iron, which will eventually corrode, causing leaks. The oil that leaks out of the tank can contaminate surrounding soils and ground water supplies. In addition, old tanks with severe corrosion problems are a risk of collapse and can cause human injury if someone falls into them. Therefore, it is best to have the old oil storage tank on your property removed by a professional service.

2. The Concerns Due to Oil Leaking into Surrounding Soils

As the old metal of the oil tank begins to corrode, any oil in the tank will begin to seep into surrounding soils. This is a hazard for wildlife and ground water supplies. When you have a professional service remove the old oil tank on your property, they will also do testing of the soils to determine if there is any contamination. If the tank has not been used for many years and the oil was removed, then there may not be any contamination. The problem is when there is still oil in the bottom of the tank and it leaks into the soil surrounding the tank.

3. The Process of Removal and Cleaning Up Oil Contamination

Removal of an old oil storage tank can be a complicated process. First, the old tank will need to be dug up and disposed of. If there is any soil contamination, then the soil will also need to be cleaned. Old soils will be removed until test show that there is not contamination and replaced with clean soil to ensure that there is no contamination left behind after the old tank has been removed.

These are some tips to help deal with the dangers of old buried oil tanks. If you have an oil tank buried in your yard and it is a danger, contact an oil tank removal service, like A & A Oil Recovery Co ,
to help remove the tank and ensure the safety of your family and the environment.