Buying A Home That Uses A Septic Tank? Two Questions To Ask

Posted on: 6 December 2017

Many homes in rural parts of the country will use a septic tank rather than be connected to a city sewer system. Buying a home that uses a septic tank may be unavoidable, depending on where you are looking for a home, but it is nothing to be concerned about. Septic tanks are a very effective way to deal with waste from your home. However, there are two questions you want to ask the previous homeowners about the tank before you make an offer.

How Often Was the Tank Inspected and Pumped?

The care that the previous owners put into the septic tank will determine how much longer it will last once you take ownership of the home. Ask if the previous homeowners have a record of how often the septic tank was inspected and pumped. This can help tell you if there are problems with the tank or if it is in good condition.

If many years have passed before the tank was last pumped and inspected, this could mean that a pumping will be required soon after to take ownership of the home. On the flip side, a record of frequent pumpings of once or twice per year is an indication that something is wrong with the tank. Expect a septic tank to be pumped every 3 years on average.

What Size Is the Septic Tank?

Septic tanks come in all shapes and sizes, and the original owners may have had a septic tank installed to meet their needs at the time. That is why it is important to ask how big the current septic tank is. Since you can't see the septic tank underground, knowing the size is how to best figure out if it is going to work for your family.

For example, a 750 gallon septic tank may be too small for your needs but worked for an older couple living in the home without any kids. Meanwhile, a family of five may require a septic tank in the 1,200-gallon range so that you avoid unnecessary frequent pumpings.

If you are new to having a septic tank, you should be prepared for the maintenance that comes along with it. Reach out to a local septic tank service company that can handle the pumpings and inspections for you. You'll want somebody ready to pump your tank as soon as possible if you eventually run into a problem where the tank is full and need to be serviced.

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