Set Up A Cooling Station And Restroom Facilities For A Group Of Construction Workers

Posted on: 21 June 2018

The construction workers you oversee and assign tasks to should be provided with ample breaks and the opportunity to use a restroom or wash their hands and faces when necessary. Set up an area that includes a cooling station and toilet trailer rentals for your workers so that your crew members' basic needs are met.

Use Temporary Fencing And Obtain Rental Units

If you purchase temporary fencing, it can be used at each construction site to define the area where workers can hang out during their breaks. Prior to beginning a construction project, take a look at the land where the building project will be completed. Choose an area that will not interfere with the construction and use the fencing to outline it.

Leave plenty of space for your workers to enter and exit the enclosure. A gap will also provide plenty of room necessary for the transportation of rental units. A small trailer that is air conditioned, furnishings, a retractable awning, restroom trailers, and portable basins are some items that you can rent before a project is started.

Decide how you would like the items arranged and provide the rental company with instructions that include when to deliver the rental units and where to place them on the property.

Purchase A Refrigeration Unit, Food, Beverages, And Toiletries

A small refrigeration unit can be placed inside of the rental trailer so that your workers can refrigerate their lunches, snacks, and beverages. If you are willing to reduce costs associated with meals, purchase some cold cuts, bread, condiments, snacks, and bottled beverages and store them in the unit.

Set up an outdoor dining area underneath the awning. Allow your workers to prepare their lunches prior to spending time under the awning. Make sure that the bathroom trailers are stocked with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, moist towelettes, or other personal hygiene products. The rental company that supplies the trailers may include toiletries with each rental as well as complete cleaning steps once you turn in the trailers.

Be sure to check with the owner of the rental company to determine your level of responsibility associated with keeping the trailers stocked and sanitized.

Inform Your Crew About Downtime

Keep your crew up to date with their job responsibilities and breaks by giving them a brief rundown on how long you expect them to work and the amount of time that they can spend relaxing or refreshing themselves in the cooling station or restrooms. Tell your workers what your expectations are concerning keeping the rental units maintained on a routine basis.