Problems Often Blamed On A Septic Tank That Are Not Septic Tank Problems

Posted on: 11 July 2018

The septic system of your residential property is a hugely important operational component, so when something is wrong or the tank needs to be cleaned, you will see problems in the house with your plumbing. However, there are some things that always get blamed on the septic system even when the septic system has nothing to do with the problems you are facing. Here is a look at some of the common plumbing issues that tend to get blamed on a septic system that really are not related at all. 

Low Water Levels in the Toilet

When there are problems with the toilet, it is only natural to blame the septic system in some way. For example, if you flush the toilet and only get a small amount of water to fill the bowl again, you may assume this is a septic issue. However, problems with the clean water in your toilet do not relate to the septic system at all, and problems with water pressure shouldn't either. These kinds of problems are usually relative to either low water pressure to the toilet, a leak in the toilet tank or bowl, or something of that nature. 

Weird Smelling Water from the Faucet

If you get a whiff of something foul when you turn on the faucet, it is easy to point your finger at the septic system and say that must be the cause, because this is where the smelly stuff goes for holding. However, the water that feeds the faucets in your home has no direct interaction with the septic system, so that cannot be the case. The main water lines and the septic lines are two completely different entities, even if they look like they are made out of the same kind of materials or are run in close proximity to one another. 

Slow Drainage Lines 

It is true that slow drainage can mean that your septic tank needs to be pumped, but this definitely is not always the case. It is actually more logical that your drains are slow moving because they have a buildup of crud inside of them that is preventing string outflow. Before you call up a septic pumping service, make sure you check out the lines for signs of clogs. A good indicator that your septic tank is not the problem is if you are only having issues with one or two drainage points and not all of them. 

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