Outdated And Undersized: 4 Tips To Deal With Septic Drain Field Problems And Options For Improvements

Posted on: 12 November 2018

If you have an older septic system, there are many options to deal with problems with the tank, but the problem could be the drain field. Sometimes, the septic drain field is outdated and undersized, which can lead to problems with the tank and your household plumbing. Here are some tips to help deal with drain field problems and improvements that could help prevent them:

1. Over-saturated Soils and Installing A Secondary Drain Field to Solve the Problem

One of the most common problems with old septic drain fields is over saturated soils. The soils of your septic system eventually become too full of waste and can no longer filter efficiently. An option to solve an over-saturated soil problem is to install a secondary drain field. The old drain field can be left for the soils to recover, which can allow you to alternate between the two when needed; switching back to the original drain field when the secondary drain field has become over saturated.

2. Clogged Drain Fields and Options for Clearing Lines to Restore Your System

Clogged drain fields happen when a full septic tank reaches drain field lines and solids get in pipes, or it could be due to tree roots and vegetation. If the pipes have not been damaged, clearing or removing the blockage could solve the problem. Talk with a septic repair service about options like jetting to clear blockages and restore your septic drain field.

3. Outdated Drainage Pipes Materials That Collapse and Options for Replacing Them

In some of the oldest septic systems, the materials used for drain field pipes are often made from iron or clay. These materials develop problems like cracks or collapse; causing serious issues with your septic system. There are options for clearing lines to restore pipes, but usually they will need to be replaced. You may want to consider replacing just the damaged line, or alternatively, talk with a septic installation service about installing a completely new septic drain field.

4. Replacing Old Septic Drain Fields and Options to Improve Drainage and Percolation

If you are going to be completely replacing the drain field, you may want to consider upgrades that improve percolation. What is percolation? This is the filtration of liquid waste through the soils. Today, there are options for installing drain tiles (drain field pipes) that also include a filtration medium like coco fibers. This helps to improve waste filtration and prevent problems with groundwater contamination and other issues.

These are some tips to deal with septic drain field problems from an outdated and undersized system. If you need help with updating your septic system, contact a septic drain field contractor and talk with them about the best option to update your system and put an end to your problems.