Providing Toilet Facilities For Your Event

Posted on: 24 December 2018

Providing toilets for the guests that are attending your event will be a major priority. While some event organizers might assume that this will only require them to rent a few toilets, there are many other factors that will need to be considered.

Ensure There Are Handicap Accessible Toilets Available

It is important to be aware as to whether you will need to provide handicap accessible toilets for the event. In addition to being the polite thing to do, it can also be necessary to comply with equal access regulations. Individuals that are organizing these events might assume that handicap accessible toilets will always be far more expensive, but they are often only marginally more expensive to rent.

Provide All Event Workers With The Contact Information For The Toilet Rental Provider

Unfortunately, there can be a risk of your rented toilets encountering problems during the course of your event. When this occurs, it may be vital for those working the event to be able to quickly contact the rental provider so that a repair technician or replacement toilet can be sent. Prior to the start of the event, you should make sure that all of those working it have the contact information for the rental toilet provider and any other rental services that you have used for the event. This will allow for a more prompt response in the event that there is a problem that needs to be rapidly addressed.

Mark The Area Where The Toilets Will Be Located

It may seem obvious to you where the toilets are located. However, your guests may not be able to easily locate the toilets during the event. To make sure that they are able to quickly find the toilets when they need them, signs should be placed around the event to let individuals know where the restrooms are located. For the best results, you may want to place these signs around doorways and other passages as it will be more likely for individuals to notice signs in these areas.

Using a portable toilet rental service can be an excellent way of keeping your guests comfortable during the course of your event. Yet, failing to properly consider the logistics of this rental can lead to problems for both you and those in attendance of the event. When organizers make sure to provide handicap accessible toilet facilities, train event workers in contacting the toilet rental service and clearly mark the location of the portable toilets, avoid problems with this part of the planning process will be far simpler.