Several Common Septic System Issues That Can Require Major Repairs

Posted on: 24 July 2019

A damaged or malfunctioning septic tank can be a major problem for a homeowner to experience. In addition to leading to serious plumbing malfunctions, this can also cause a homeowner's property to experience significant damage and disruption.

Root Growths

Roots can be an unlikely source of problems for a septic tank. While homeowners may overlook the potential for roots to grow into a system's tank, these roots will be drawn to the moisture around the tank and drain field. When roots grow into the tank, they will be able to cause the entire system to become clogged, and they may even contribute to structural damage to the system. Physically cutting and removing the roots is the only way to repair this problem once it forms, but you might be able to prevent it by installing root guards and removing any large plants that are near the septic system.


If the walls of a septic tank become cracked, the tank can leak large amounts of contaminated water out into the soil. This is especially dangerous for homeowners that use water wells due to the risk of harmful bacteria making it into the drinking water source. In order to repair these cracks, the septic tank repair contractor will need to excavate the soil around the damaged wall so that they can reach it. If the crack is small, the contractor may be able to patch it. However, extensive cracks may structurally weaken the septic tank too much for it to be able to be repaired. This is due to the extreme pressure the water in the tank will be putting on the sides.

Rupture Pipes

A series of pipes will bring water to the septic tank from your home and transport it to the drain field where it will empty into the yard. Unfortunately, these pipes can be at risk of rupturing, and this may lead to it spilling water into the yard. Often, these ruptures occur due to these pipes freezing, which can occur if the soil on top of these pipes erodes away. This will reduce the insulation the pipes have, and make them much easier to freeze.


Failing to have the septic tank pumped and cleaned on a regular basis or disposing of inappropriate items can lead to clogs forming. These clogs can travel through the pipes of the system, and they may eventually make it into the drain field. This can be a fairly expensive repair to have done as it may involve significant excavation and a thorough flushing of the entire septic system.

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