Finding Water And Installing A Well On Your Property

Posted on: 27 December 2019

Installing a water well on your property can provide you all the freshwater you will ever need. You need to find a good source of water on the land, but a good drilling company can help you determine the best spot to drill and then install the well for you. 

Picking the Best Site

Finding water on your property is not always an exact science, and often the well drilling company will suggest some areas of the property to drill on based on the geographic layout of the site. If there are some rocky areas that might hold veins of water, drilling near them may be the best option. 

The well drilling company will come out and look over the land, and then you can work with them to determine where the best spot to drill the well might be. The ground needs to be able to support the drilling rig and hold up once the drilling begins, so sandy or soft ground is not the best place to start. 

Drilling the Well

Once the location for the well has been selected, the drill rig is set up on the site and the driller will begin drilling into the ground. As the drilling progresses, the driller will insert a large-diameter steel casing into the hole to support the sides of the well. This will help keep the well from collapsing later. 

The first section of the casing to go into the hole will have a special piece called a drive shoe on the bottom of it, and the goal is to find some solid rock or material to drive that into. Each section of casing is attached to the next, and the entire length is driven into the well while the driller is advancing the drill bit and rod. 

In some situations, the depth of the well can be as much as five hundred feet, but most well companies try and keep the well depth around three hundred feet if possible. 

Water Volume

Once the driller hits water, the driller will begin to measure the amount of water the well is producing. The target for most residential wells can vary, but six to ten gallons of water a minute is enough to supply the average home. The more water the well produces, the better, but not every well is going to bubble up and run over the top of the casing. Talk to the well company you are working with to find out what their standard is. 

Reach out to companies in your area for more information about water well installation.