4 Common Septic System Failures That Require Immediate Repairs

Posted on: 23 April 2021

Your septic system is one of the robust installations in your residential or commercial property. When you realize that the system is failing, you should call septic system repair professionals. The septic tank will present signs of failure sooner if it's installed unprofessionally. If you cannot maintain it routinely, it will fail and you might not notice the warning signs.

If you've been pumping your tank frequently, and the drain field looks soggy even when it hasn't rained, chances are that your system is about to fail completely. You must call septic system repair services to provide effective repairs.

Here are signs of septic system failure that require immediate repairs.

Failed Drain Field

If your drain field floods, sewer water can back up into your home. Wet patches with lush grass will be evident around the drain field. If the flooding is pronounced, and there's a lot of solid accumulation, it could render your drain field useless and the entire system as well. If the system was installed below standards, solid waste can invade the drain field and over-saturate the area. 

Also, long-term use of the drain field means too much water has leached and it can no longer accommodate more water. You must notify septic system repair technicians. They will assess the drain field and carry out necessary repairs. If the problem is pronounced, the technicians can opt to remediate dry, and rehabilitate the drain field to extend its usefulness.

Clogged Inlet Pipe 

If the inlet pipe from your drains to the septic tank gets blocked, wastewater drains slowly. Clogging can block the flow completely and cause trouble indoors. It's possible to unclog such a problem using a snake auger. You can mitigate such a system failure by ensuring the right materials are flushed down your sinks or toilets. It's important to call a septic system repair service to assess the situation in your inlet pipes.

Clogged Effluent Filter

If too much water and foreign material enter your septic tank, they will clog the effluent baffle. When water accumulates inside the system, it will back up into your property. If you're using too much water, and the tank is overwhelmed, the situation becomes worse. You must call septic system repair services to inspect the effluent filter, clean it and restore proper wastewater flow. Septic system repair professionals can handle the clogged filter. Check for other causes of the failure and leave the system in excellent working condition.

Physical Damage

It's advisable to avoid exerting force over your septic system's components such as the inlet pipes or drain field. If the tank shifts or breaks from heavy impact, it damages or exposes crucial compartments. You should avoid compacting or paving the area around your tank to avoid damage.