Servicing Your Septic System

Posted on: 26 September 2022

The septic tank is one of the most critical components of your home's plumbing system. If it starts to develop problems, it could create serious damage to the home or grounds and major disruptions for those living in the house.

Solid Waste Will Need To Be Removed From The Septic Tank At Regular Intervals

The septic tank will have to be periodically pumped in order to remove the solid waste that could start to gather in it. Although the septic tank is extremely effective at breaking down solid waste, some of these materials will remain, and this could allow them to start accumulating inside the septic tank. This waste could cause the septic tank to lose capacity, and it could also lead to clogs forming in the drain field or other critical components. Drain field clogs can be particularly problematic as they may not be able to be corrected without excavating the yard.

Pumping The Septic Tank Will Not Cause Major Landscaping Damage

Pumping the septic tank can be essential for protecting your plumbing system's functionality. However, a person should avoid thinking that having their septic tank pumped will always mean that the property will suffer significant landscaping damage during this work. Generally, there will not be a need to perform much excavation due to septic tank systems having access hatches near the surface of the soil. Additionally, the trucks that will be pumping the septic tank will have long hoses and other devices that can minimize the need for the truck to drive over the landscaping to reach the area where the septic tank has been placed. These factors can often allow homeowners to have this pumping completed with minimal damage occurring to their landscaping.

A Septic Tank Pumping Service Can Usually Complete This Work Without The Owner Being Present

Many of the types of maintenance that your property will require can be fairly disruptive to need to have done. However, septic tank service work is not a particularly disruptive type of maintenance to have done. In fact, it is not even necessary for a homeowner to be present during this work. As long as the septic tank access hatch can be clearly identified and reached, there is no need for the property owner to be present. This can be a valuable solution for those that are needing to have this work done without having to take a day off of work to be present for when the contractors arrive to complete the septic pumping work.

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