Should You Handle Your Septic Work As A DIY Or Let The Professionals Do It?

Posted on: 30 November 2022

One of the pleasures of being a homeowner is making maintenance, repair, and improvement decisions. More so, some people enjoy making minor DIY improvements that solve their problems. However, some projects need a higher level of skill and experience, and it is best to let professionals handle them. For example, it is not advisable to manage septic installation and maintenance without the guidance of a septic service expert. Here is a list of things that might go wrong and how a professional can prevent them.

The Risk of the Tank Caving In

As your septic tank ages, the infrastructure used to create it weakens and makes it easier to succumb to external pressure. In addition, the tank walls and cover weaken when you habitually use a machine with vibration close to the reservoir. Hence, avoiding working in or around a wastewater reservoir with aged or weak structures is advisable because it might cave in. Furthermore, you may fall and break your limbs, suffer lacerations, and get exposed to disease-causing pathogens. So, if you want to service your tank, call the professionals to manage it. They can easily observe the signs of a collapsing or weak tank and advise you on replacement.

You Could Get Infected

A septic tank works because of the anaerobic bacteria inside the system. That said, while these crucial bacteria help keep the decomposition process in motion, they can harm the human body. Hence, you should avoid physical contact with it because you might become infected. Instead, let septic service professionals with proper gear and training handle your tank's maintenance, as they know how to avoid exposure to the bacteria.

You Might Suffocate

Suffocation happens when your body does not receive enough oxygen. Hence, it is dangerous when you fall or get inside the tank because there is a limited oxygen supply. If you do so, your brain will suffer extensive damage if you cannot access oxygen for more than a few minutes. You might also fall unconscious, and the inability to ask for help will put you in danger of death. Additionally, the toxic gases from the septic tank can poison your bloodstream. On the other hand, professional septic tank maintenance and repair experts understand all these complications. Hence, they come prepared with PPE equipment and work as a team to ensure nobody gets harmed in the maintenance process.

As you can see, it is risky to try servicing or repairing your septic tank. Instead, you should hire a competent maintenance team to handle repairs in and around it. They are your best bet in keeping the tank clean and safe. Contact septic services near you to learn more.