Should You Call An Emergency Septic Service? 3 Times You Should

Posted on: 14 March 2023

You may encounter a problem with your septic system over time. It may fill up and need to be drained, or you may have some other issues. If your tank is experiencing any issues at all, you should consult a septic service company about your issues and have your tank repaired or you should have your tank serviced in other ways. There are times when you may need to contact an emergency septic service company. If you aren't sure when you should call for emergency services, read on for some times when you should call for emergency services. 

1. When You Are Unable To Drain

If your drains have stopped working and you are unable to drain anything at all, it's time to hire an emergency septic service. If you aren't able to flush a toilet, or the drains are only accumulating with water and waste, but nothing is going down at all, you need to hire a pro. Your drains will eventually begin to back up into your home if they cannot take anything else. Eventually, all of that waste and water needs somewhere to go, and it will back up. 

2. Your Drains Have Odors Or Are Making Noises

If your drains have odors coming from them, it may be an issue with a clog, if you have noises coming from them, this may also be due to a clog. Clogs can become a bigger problem for you if you don't do what you can to take care of them. If you have this issue, hire an emergency septic service to help clear your drains or have your tank emptied if necessary.

3. Your Leach Field Is Flooded 

If the leach field in your yard has begun to flood, you should call an emergency septic company to drain your tank or make repairs to your tank if necessary. The leach field may be flooded because the tank is leaking, which means your yard is going to be quite stinky and could be a major mess. You need to have whatever is going on repaired to prevent even more of an issue.

If you have any of these emergency septic issues, you should call a septic service company to have your tank looked at right away to have these issues rectified, so you can use the drains in your home properly again. These are just a few of the issues you may encounter with your septic tank over time. Discuss these or other tank issues with a service and ask for tips to help prevent a future problem with your system.

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