Why Spring Is The Best Time To Tackle A Septic Tank Installation

Posted on: 18 April 2023

Is your current septic tank on its last legs? Do you need a larger septic tank to accommodate your growing family? If you are due for a septic tank installation at some point in the future, there are a number of reasons why you should try to get this installation done early on in the spring if you can. Here's why you should contact a septic tank expert sooner rather than later to discuss this project.

The Ground Has Thawed

Perhaps you knew that you needed a new septic tank last winter when you had lots of guests using the bathroom or taking showers at your home over the holiday season. But it's hard to install a septic tank when the ground is frozen solid. The spring thaw should make this work much easier and you'll be able to get the septic tank installed without as much manual labor or effort required on the part of the contractors. Use the spring thaw as an opportunity to take care of something you might have been thinking about for a while.

Install It Before Starting Summer Landscaping

It's best to install your new septic tank this spring before you begin doing any spring or summer landscaping work. This is because the septic tank install will of course require the ground in the area to be torn up a bit in order to remove the old tank and get the new tank into place. Doing this early on in spring will give you plenty of time to work on patching up your yard so you can begin landscape work. Doing the installation early in spring also ensures that you won't be ruining any landscape work you've already done.

Install Before Increased Usage This Summer

Summer can bring with it an increase in water and septic system usage. Maybe your kids will have friends over during summer vacation for a sleepover. Maybe you'll have family and friends over for an outdoor BBQ. You and your kids might be running outside and getting dirtier more often and that means you could be doing more loads of laundry. A new or larger septic tank can give you additional capacity and peace of mind as your summer moves along.

Get Your Permits or Inspection Sorted Quickly

It's possible you might need to contact local authorities about getting a permit or inspection for your new septic tank. Summer tends to be a busy season for these inspectors, so doing the installation and scheduling the inspection early on in spring might mean less waiting time for you.

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