Know When To Call For Professional Clogged Drain Cleaning Services

Posted on: 11 August 2023

It can be difficult to manage clogs in your plumbing system, especially those that are deep within your plumbing. While you might be able to handle a clog that is close to the surface of your drain, you want to pay attention if the same drain clogs frequently. Using too many chemical drain cleaners can be harmful to your plumbing, and they are not going to be strong enough to reach a clog that is deep in your system. If you have slow-moving drains throughout your home, or if you have a consistent problem with a clogged toilet, it's time to have a professional come to figure out what is going on with your plumbing.

When You Have Slow Drains Throughout the Home

Slow drains throughout your home are indicative of a growing clog that is deep within your plumbing system. You might start to smell an odor coming from your drains or notice that water takes much longer than normal to drain. If you have more than one drain causing problems, it's important to call a professional for clogged drain cleaning. They have the equipment needed to take care of tree roots that have grown into your sewage pipes, and they are able to deal with clogs deep in the system that a typical plumbing snake can't reach.

If You've Tried Snaking and Plunging the Drain

If you have repeatedly tried to plunge a drain, and you have tried to clean it out with a plumbing snake without success, it's time to call for help. If you pour chemical drain cleaner down the drain, this might be temporarily helpful but can damage your plumbing. When the drain continues to stay clogged no matter what you try, a professional will need to come and assess the situation with your plumbing.

When Your Toilet Is Bubbling

If you notice that your toilet makes gurgling or bubbling sounds when you flush it, this can be due to air that gets trapped in your plumbing. If there is a clog somewhere in the system, air gets trapped. When the toilet is flushed, the air escapes and causes the toilet to bubble. If you ignore the problem, eventually the clog is going to become complete.

If you aren't sure why your drains are slow, it's time to call for help from a clogged drain cleaning professional.

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